How to hide a Truecrypt volume within an image – Ubuntu

This video shows how to add a Truecrypt volume to an image (join the two files) so that it still looks like an image to the untrained eye. I then post it on the internet, download it and run a script (included below) to access the Truecrypt volume.

The work has been completed for you, the password is included below as well as the mounttc script I wrote and the address to access the file. This should be everything you need to access the file within the Truecrypt container attached to the image. Once you have access to the file follow the instructions and let me know you have completed the challenge.

Password for the Truecrypt container:

Location where you can download the image that contains the truecrypt container:…

This is MY sample mounttc file (just to make it easy), it will need to be adjusted to fit your system and file directories specific to your setup. You can consider this a working example that you can modify to create your own instance.

split -b393487 image.jpg
sudo truecrypt -t -k xaa –protect-hidden=no xab /media/truecrypt1
wipe -f xaa
wipe -f xab

I DO NOT ADVOCATE PUTTING SENSITIVE FILES ON THE INTERNET IN THIS FASHION. If you do store your password in a plain text file on something like, google drive, etc for backing it up then this method is MUCH better and safer. There are NEVER any guarantees that encryption cannot be broken and sensitive data accessed. This is for learning purposes and if you choose to use this method you do so at your own risk.



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